Friday 21 February 2014 - 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Hot Yogis @ Music in the Podium

The Hot Yogis @ Music in the Podium - Friday 21 February 2014 6:00:00 pm

HOT YOGIs is a feisty incarnation of players consisting of Greg Bryce on acoustic guitar and vocals, Len Samperi on Fender electric bass and vocals, and Simon Lee on drums.

Acoustic Indie pop delivered with energy, urgency, and finesse would best describe this band. The trio have just released their debut album through Reign Records and MGM titled“Under The Wire”. Greg has song-writing experience in many different genres from the hard rock of songs recorded by DV8 and The Screaming Jets on their first 2 albums to the uplifting folk/pop of award-winning, world travelling acoustic trio Jigzag. Jigzag developed a huge and loyal following on the folk/roots festival circuit (Woodford, Port Fairy, Apollo Bay, National Folk, Fairbridge, Wintermoon).

HOT YOGIs are the perfect chemistry of players to bring life to Greg’s latest batch of songs. The acoustic guitar has a great percussive quality and the songs have a fresh twist of contemporary influences. Songs like “Vampire Killer Girl”, which has a tearaway passion and sense of fun, blend with “Tide is Rising”, which is an emotional swim against the tide of inner-enemies, and the even more diverse instrumental bass-loop of Len’s “Close Encounter” which take us to an other-worldly place. Len has been a long time bassist/rhythm guitarist for West African guitarist Moussa Diakite, who has been the featured guitarist for World Music Superstars Salif Keita and Oummou Sangare. With Moussa, Len has played Bellingen North Coast Jazz, Manly Jazz and Apollo Bay festivals.

The YOGIs can also do a huge range of dancey fun cover songs. From all the old favourites such as Crowded House, Powderfinger, Dragon, Paul Kelly etc, up to recent artists like Avicci and Mumford and Sons.

Hot Yogis drummer Simon has toured and recorded with Bobby Flynn (Australian Idol), Doc Span, Mckisko, DV8, Jigzag, Tom Cooney and FUR.


Greg and Len, true to the Hot Yogi’s name, first met in a yoga/meditation centre many years ago and their musical chemistry shines through in the playing and production of this album.

The trio mix indie pop, roots and funk with an injection of fresh flavour.


“Under the Wire”is out now in stores and on Itunes.