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About the Chamber

Established in 1994, the Warners Bay Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the Warners Bay business community. Since its inception, the Warners Bay Chamber has established itself as one of the most proactive Economic Development groups in Lake Macquarie. As Warners Bay continues to grow and develop into the most popular lifestyle centre of Lake Macquarie City; it is important the Warners Bay Chamber has the continued support of local businesses and progressive networking organizations.

The Warners Bay Chamber welcomes members input at bi-monthly Chamber meetings that are held on the last Tuesday of February, April, June, August, October and December. Meetings are a good opportunity to network with other local businesses as well as keep up to date on what is happening in the local business community.

Precincts were formed in 2011, after consultation with local businesses. It became clear there were too many businesses in Warners Bay in different areas, with different needs, to be properly assisted through general bi-monthly meetings. Precinct meetings give members the additional opportunity to meet their immediate business neighbours, network and discuss their individual needs, concerns and opportunities as a business community.

The Chamber is a not for profit, incorporated association.

What does the Chamber do for local business?
The Chamber is recognized as the representative of local businesses, for organizations that need to relay information and gain feedback from the business community i.e. Master Plans, development applications and local events & marketing.

The Chamber is an important point of contact for local businesses that need to address issues through the collective Chamber strength. The Chamber is mindful not to take sides on issues that sometimes divide the business community; but it does work towards providing, clear, transparent and unbiased information, so fully informed assessments of issues can be made.

Why should you be part of the Chamber?
The strength of the Warners Bay Chamber depends on the support it receives from local businesses and the generous business people who volunteer their time and resources to support economic development in Warners Bay.

Chamber membership gives the local business community, a stronger united voice when addressing Local, State and Federal Government issues regarding Warners Bay.

The Chamber welcomes members input at bi- monthly Chamber meetings.

All meeting dates, times and venues can be obtained, by contacting us

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Mail: P.O Box 722 Warners Bay NSW 2282

Warners Bay Chamber Executives 2017-2018



 President: Murray Halyburton      Vice President: Jeff Sansom  Secretary: Carolyn Beckwith  Treasurer: Greg Crittenden
 General Board: Monique Wheatley General Board: Karen Chapman   General Board:Robert Chapman  
General Board:Kathryn Halyburton    Public Officer: Stephen Rayfield